9 Tips for Keeping Your Costs Down During Commercial Construction

If the prices for commercial construction in Dallas, TX, have you furiously crunching the numbers to see if you can build your space while still staying within your budget, don’t fear. Here are ways to reduce your project’s costs without compromising the finished product’s quality.

9 Tips for Keeping Your Costs Down During Commercial Construction in Dallas, Texas

1. Get Multiple Quotes

Once you have the funding secured to build your next commercial space, chances are you’ll be eager to start as soon as possible. Although you’ll understandably want to get working immediately, don’t rush to sign on with the first contractor who gives you a quote. Sometimes a quote may seem reasonable at first glance, but it doesn’t match the current market.

Instead, you’ll want to get a quote from several contractors to ensure you get the best rate for your project. A good rule of thumb is to get at least three quotes when looking for a new contractor or company for a construction project. However, if you are in a very competitive market like Dallas, TX, you may want to seek out more bids.

The Exception

While multiple quotes are usually the way to go, there are exceptions to the rule. If you’ve found a reliable construction company that does commercial construction in Dallas, TX, at a fair price point, you’ll want to hang onto them.

Building a relationship with a trustworthy company is better than searching for someone new for each project. Staying with the same crew ensures that you are confident with the quality of their craftsmanship and know that they can perform their contracted work.

2. Choose a Dallas, TX Company That Can Do it All

When deciding who you want to build your commercial project, consider what aspects of your projects can be completed in-house and which ones the company will need to outsource. Working with a company that can handle all aspects of a commercial project, from design and concept rendering to building the physical structure, can provide you with some serious savings.

The more professionals you hire to complete your space, the quicker you’ll rack up invoices to pay. A company capable of handling most of the legwork for your building can save you money throughout the project. At Sayan Renovations & Construction, we can handle all your construction needs. From custom interior and exterior designs to permitting to putting the finishing touches on your building, our team has the expertise you need for your next project.

3. Stay Organized

The best way to avoid unexpected costs is to do everything possible to keep your project running as planned. Unplanned hiccups can quickly snowball into expensive bills. Keeping track of details and paperwork throughout the process can prevent you from being unprepared. This precaution is especially crucial for all permits and inspections related to your commercial space.

If you aren’t working with a company that pulls the permits and turns in the necessary paperwork, you must stay on top of the filings. Failure to complete the appropriate paperwork could result in your project being hit with a stop work order. Not only will a stop work order make you face costly delays, but it could also be accompanied by fines, adding another expense to your project.

4. Try to Build During the Off Season

Like all industries, construction has on and off seasons. While commercial construction projects in Dallas, TX, don’t usually face the same weather-based limitations as projects in other areas, some seasons are quieter than others.

When discussing your plans with a builder, don’t be afraid to ask if they give discounts on off-season work. Another advantage to building during the calmer months is that your project may be completed more quickly since crews won’t be spread out between as many projects.

5. Break Down Your Project One Line at a Time

At the start of your project, you will sit down with your builder to review the construction schedule and expenses. This meeting is a fantastic opportunity to look for areas where you can save money. There may be things included in the project that you would like to omit, like specialty trims, crown molding, or places where you can scale back to give yourself more wiggle room in your budget.

As you work through the list one item at a time, ask the builder about anything that needs to be clarified. An experienced builder will be able to explain each item to you and will want to ensure you are comfortable with how your building budget is being spent.

6. Don’t Try to be a DIY Hero

When building on a tight budget, it can be tempting to tackle elements of your project yourself to save money. However, especially where commercial construction is involved, trying to handle parts of the build-out yourself can make your project cost more, not less. If things take a terrible turn and your attempt isn’t up to par, you could have to purchase the materials for the task twice. Save yourself the hassle and the cost and leave construction to the professionals.

7. Plan Your Project in Advance

Last-minute projects usually come at a high price, so you’ll want to get on your builder’s roster as soon as possible. Planning your project ensures you don’t pay premium prices to get the job done in a rush. This tip is crucial for jobs that must be done by a set date. Hire a construction company before your deadline, and you won’t find yourself in a pinch if you encounter bad weather or shipping delays.

8. Embrace Recycled or Reclaimed Materials

Using recycled or reclaimed materials in your business’s construction serves multiple purposes. First, it allows you to help the environment by keeping usable items out of landfills. Second, reclaimed or recycled materials are less expensive than new goods, allowing you to get more bang for your buck.

Finally, using recycled materials in your commercial building’s design shows your commitment to minimizing your carbon footprint. If you want to incorporate reclaimed materials or items into your project, you’ll first want to talk to your builder about your ideas. They can advise you on the most practical ways to implement recycled materials in your design and may even have connections to help you find the secondhand supplies you need.

9. Be Willing to Ask for Your Builder’s Advice

Whether you’re looking to build your first commercial space or start your sixteenth project, you’ll want to discuss any financial concerns with your builder. Don’t feel embarrassed about asking your contractor how you can make the project more affordable without cutting corners.

Industry professionals are used to working with clients with a wide range of budgets, so you’ll want to be completely honest with them about what you can afford. They might tell you that your project can’t be scaled back anymore without comprising quality, or they may be able to highlight extra expenses that can be eliminated.

When building a commercial space, you want to know that you’re working with a company with a proven track record of completing excellent work on time and within budget. At Sayan Renovations & Construction, we operate with integrity, providing clients with professional construction experience every step of the way. So for your commercial construction or renovation project, contact Sayan Renovations & Construction today.