Exterior Commercial Renovations in Dallas

We provide turnkey solutions to reposition commercial and multifamily properties through comprehensive exterior renovations, upgrades, and new construction projects. Our experienced exterior commercial renovation contractors in Dallas manage the entire process, from initial assessments to final cleanup. We handle exterior enhancements like roofing, siding, balconies, signage, and lighting, plus the construction of new amenities and additions. Our years of multifamily and commercial renovation expertise combine current methods with practical solutions to achieve your revitalization goals. Contact us to refresh your asset through expert Dallas exterior commercial renovations and construction!

We've done it all.

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Exterior Amenities

Want to add resort-style outdoor amenities to make your property more enjoyable for residents in Dallas? Our exterior commercial renovation professionals build premium exterior amenities like pergolas, outdoor kitchens, dog parks, patio extensions, and more to enhance your property. We do the hands-on labor like digging, framing, finishing, plumbing, wiring, and fixture installation with care and craftsmanship. Our constructed outdoor spaces blend aesthetics with durability, giving residents welcoming areas to gather, play, relax, and create lifelong memories.

Full Paint

Is the paint of your commercial or multifamily property starting to chip, fade, or look a bit lackluster? Our professional paint services give buildings a fresh, flawless new look for your property in Dallas. Our exterior commercial renovation crews diligently prepare surfaces and apply quality commercial-grade paint using meticulous techniques for complete, uniform coverage. We use long-lasting products designed to maintain vibrancy and withstand weathering. Our professional painters ensure your property remains bright and welcoming. If the exterior paint does start to worsen, we offer 3 & 5 warranty paint solutions, saving you time and money down the road.

Fiber Cement Siding

Is your multifamily or commercial property’s siding looking worn and needing a refresh? We install partial and full replacements with durable, low-maintenance fiber cement siding. Our exterior commercial renovation experts offer Dallas a variety of siding services like prepping structures, cutting boards, and installing new siding securely in place with proper alignment for a seamless finish. Our fiber cement solutions provide lasting beauty without the constant upkeep. Let us refresh your complex with new siding that maintains its attractive, polished look for years to come.

Parking Lots

Are the parking lots on your multifamily or commercial property looking worn with faded stripes and cracked asphalt? We are the go-to contractor in the Dallas area for apartment complex renovations partially because we provide parking lot construction, resurfacing, restriping, and routine maintenance services. For aged lots, we patch cracks, repair subgrade issues, and apply fresh asphalt overlay or sealant to restore a smooth surface. We also repaint stripes, stencil new numbering, and more for a revitalized parking area with a clean, safe appearance. We ensure beautiful and durable lots that withstand heavy vehicle traffic.


Is the exterior woodwork of your multifamily or commercial property revealing signs of decay and rot? Enhance structural integrity and aesthetic appeal with our specialized repair services in Dallas. Our apartment complex renovation team swiftly pinpoints and addresses deteriorated areas, ensuring your buildings are safe and free from the risk of escalating damage. With the precise installation of aligned, pressure-treated replacement lumber, we guarantee seamless integration with existing structures. Trust in our skilled technicians to liven up your buildings, ensuring safety and aesthetic appeal through our efficient and timely repair and replacement services.


Is your roof showing signs of a leak or wear and tear? Our exterior commercial renovation contractors in Dallas are here to address all your roofing needs, from minor repairs to complete replacements. Even the smallest leak is handled quickly, ensuring no further damage occurs. We meticulously uncover the origin of each leak, delivering targeted repairs for enduring water resistance. For roofs that are extensively damaged or aged, our service extends to complete replacements, employing materials known for their robustness and aesthetic charm. Your property is armored against harsh weather conditions, ensuring beauty, durability, and increased value.