Does Your Commercial Building Need Renovations?

Like all buildings, commercial properties will go through expected wear and tear as the building ages. Many business owners may put off commercial renovations because it is still functional enough even if a commercial building doesn’t look the best. But for businesses that want to shine and grow, commercial renovations in Dallas, TX, can be the key to unlocking greater success.

Does Your Commercial Building Need Renovations?

The commercial space you use for your business has to withstand the test of time, just like any other building. Over time, visible damage can harm your customers and employees, mainly because people are more confident in clean, modern-looking businesses. Visible wear and tear is the most common reason to seek renovations. Some other signs your property may need commercial renovations include the following:

Building Is Not Functional

The crux of functionality for a business is space; if your commercial property doesn’t have enough space, this can become a long-term problem. As your business grows, the need to have more space increases as you hire more employees. For a while, you may be able to get by with having a bullpen-style administrative setting, but in the long run, your business will function better when there is enough space for individual departments and storage.

Functionality may also refer to the needs of your business. You might use outdated building designs and features if you bought your commercial property decades ago. If your building lacks key features your business needs to function, such as drive-thru windows, a renovation is the best way to improve your business.

Building Is Not Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is also important for modern businesses. Commercial properties require utilities such as water and electricity, which can be very expensive if your building lacks energy efficiency technology. When you renovate your commercial property with sustainable energy features, you can reduce utility costs and reinvest that money in your business operations.

The building Does Not Display the Brand

Finally, if your building does not adequately display your brand, it’s time for commercial renovations in Dallas, TX. The appearance of your commercial property is one of the first impressions customers will make about your business, so your business must display your brand. Your building should be visually appealing while also communicating the overall personality of your business.

It’s easy to select new materials that will properly display your brand. You can combine new wallpaper, paint, tiles, and lighting fixtures with LED signage to make your commercial property eye-catching for customers. A business that is well-outfitted and attractive will be more likely to draw new customers and make a good impression.

Should You Rebuild or Remodel?

There’s a huge difference between rebuilding and remodeling. For a remodel, you may be targeting certain areas of your building to renovate for better functionality. For a rebuild, on the other hand, you are knocking down the building to start from scratch. Business owners must work with contractors to determine whether a rebuild or a remodel is more appropriate.

In general, you may want to remodel if the major systems in the building, such as the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems, are still well-maintained. Remodeling may be a good idea if you also have enough property to expand the building. By contrast, it may be better to rebuild your commercial property if you need significant modifications to update the building or if your building requires major repairs for essential systems.

Best Tips for Planning Commercial Renovations in Dallas, TX

Planning commercial renovations is a major commitment. Whether you are planning a whole building overhaul or you only need to renovate certain parts of your property, you can expect this project to be an investment in both your time and money. To get the most out of your renovation project, some planning tips include:

Plan a Detailed Budget

The budget for your renovation will be determined by the amount of work you want to be done, the new equipment and systems being installed, and the aesthetic details you choose. You can work with your contractor to plan a detailed budget that allocates funds to the more critical aspects of your renovations. Skilled contractors can find alternate but practical or appealing materials and tools to complete your renovation on a budget.

When planning a budget, it’s a good idea to set aside funds for unexpected expenses. A contractor will try to predict all expenses, but any renovation project comes with surprises, particularly for old buildings that are being fully updated. Setting aside a portion of your budget for unexpected expenses is the best way to keep your renovation inexpensive.

Schedule Your Renovation in Advance

You will also need to schedule your renovation in advance. Most renovations can take several weeks or months to complete, so if you want your building to be ready by a specific date, you must hire your contractor team a few months in advance. Making an effort to schedule your renovation ahead of time is the best way to protect the productivity of your business.

Set Up a Temporary Office

You may also want to set up a temporary office for your workforce. Many business owners rent temporary office spaces while the main commercial property is being remodeled or rebuilt, which allows employees to continue working uninterrupted. Ultimately, this means your team can maintain the same level of productivity while renovations are being completed.

Alternatively, to set up a temporary physical office, you may want to update your workplace policies to allow for remote work. Many businesses can use software to keep teams connected through home offices, which can be a more affordable way to manage the productivity of a business. At the same time, commercial property is being renovated.

Invest in Sustainability

When you work with your contractor to plan your renovation, you may want to invest in sustainability. Sustainable renovations can include selecting energy-efficient lighting, solar electrical systems, eco-friendly materials, and even water systems that recycle or reuse water. Sustainable building features can cut down on future utility costs and can also leave a good impression on your customers.

How Can You Pick a Good Contractor?

For any renovation, it’s imperative to pick a skilled contractor. One of the best ways to assess the skill of a contractor team is to look at the contractor’s portfolio to view their previous renovation projects. Looking at the contractor’s portfolio may even give you inspiration for your renovation project, particularly if you have been weighing the pros and cons of certain features.

Aside from skills, you will also want to assess your contractor’s attitude and integrity. Completing a renovation project is stressful, so working with a contractor with a positive attitude and a commitment to quality work is always reassuring.

Renovating your commercial building can be one way to enhance the functionality and productivity of your business. Remodeling or rebuilding your commercial building will require a lot of planning, including setting aside part of your budget for unexpected expenses. To learn more about renovating commercial buildings, get in touch with Sayan Renovations & Construction in Dallas, TX.