Sayan Construction: Experienced and Skilled Construction Professionals

Sayan Renovations & Construction is a Dallas, TX area, multifamily construction company and leader in commercial renovations. Seasoned pros at both builds and revamps, we have served happy clients throughout Texas and throughout the nation. Many of our customers own properties in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and Houston areas, but we are always looking to expand our reach. Our CEO, Ruben Ortiz, has been in the multifamily renovation and construction business for over a decade.

Interior Commercial Renovations

Whether you need to renovate the interior of your multifamily property units, your leasing office, or your property clubhouse, we cover all the bases. We can install washer/dryer connections, lay new flooring, give kitchen areas major or minor upgrades, fix or update your plumbing, or paint walls, doors, and fixtures with the utmost care and attention to quality. If you need help with electrical work, Sayan Renovations & Construction can handle simple fixtures to more complicated aluminum or copper swaps.

Custom Interiors

Flooring installs include wood, tile, carpeting, and LVT. You pick the flooring option based on your price needs and preferences, and we take care of the rest. When you hire us to upgrade kitchens, you can rest assured that our craftsmanship and attention to detail will shine through, significantly increasing the value of your property. From new cabinets to granite countertops to kitchen islands, we know how to modernize kitchens to attract high-quality renters while helping you stay under budget.  

Bathroom Upgrades

We can swap in new fixtures, shower heads, and toilets and re-tile areas as needed. We are equipped to handle both large and small bathroom updates to ensure your tenants have the amenities and aesthetics they desire in this important area of a home. Have plumbing issues in one of your unit bathrooms? We are poised to help you fix them and get water flowing and flushing as it should.

Exterior Rehabs and Renovations

The exterior of your multifamily property can make all the difference in asset repositioning. Need us to build or update outdoor kitchens, pergolas, dog parks, or patios? We are ready to get to work! We also specialize in exterior paint jobs that come with 3-10 year warranties. (Warranties differ based on paint choice). If your parking lot needs a little TLC, we can do a seal coat. restrip, or routine maintenance. We can also put down or resurface asphalt.

Popular Exterior Choices

Fiber cement siding is also one of our most popular services, and we provide partial to full siding replacements. From simple to complex carpentry jobs, we are your go-to renovation company. Wood rot repair as well as custom finishes are two of our strong suits. We also repair, patch up, and install new roofs. Our roofs are intended to last and withstand the elements, lowering your roofing costs over the long haul.

Rehabs to Fit Your Needs 

The scope of what we do during both interior and exterior rehabs and renovations differs based on customer needs. In a major exterior rehab, we might, for instance, replace siding, trim, and fascia, and patio fences. Additionally, before painting a property during a major exterior rehab, we often fully prime its siding. These changes to a property’s exterior can have a dramatic effect on curb appeal and increase the value of rentals quite significantly.

Builds and Renovations for Yards and Patios

We can fence in outdoor areas adjacent to your units, landscape yards, build patios and decks, or lay down cement to create highly functional outdoor spaces. The outdoor areas we create and renovate are beautiful, and we take pride in working with you to meet both your needs and the needs of your tenants when it comes to yards and patios.

Fire Remediation and Rebuilds 

Dealing with the aftermath of a fire can be one of the most challenging things a multifamily property or apartment complex owner ever has to deal with. Fires are costly and cause both you and your tenants significant distress. We approach fire remediation and rebuilds with extreme care, ensuring your property returns to its original state or better. Our fire remediation and rebuilds often include both interior and exterior work to get properties back on their feet.

Limited Downtime for Remediation

We’ve done several interior and exterior rebuilds of apartments and other multifamily properties after fires, and we are able to get properties back into great shape in record time, to minimize negative effects on your cash flow and disruptions to the lives of your tenants. We also have a significant amount of experience working and negotiating with insurance companies. We can help you navigate insurance claims and get the financial assistance you and your tenants deserve.

Storm Repair and Rebuilds

Disaster and storm repair and rebuilds are a part of our suite of services as well, and we are here to help in the aftermath of major storms as well as in the aftermath of minor damage due to weather events such as hail storms and minor floods. We are well-equipped to work with insurance companies to help you get the coverage, assistance, and repairs you need to help your property get back into great condition without unnecessary delays.

Ground-Up Construction in Dallas, TX and Beyond

Whether you are expanding your property or dealing with a fire or disaster, we offer you ground-up construction based on your needs. Our ground-up construction services include slab pour, permitting, insulation, framing, custom finishes, electrical installations, and HVAC installations. You can trust us to start from ground zero and build you what you need to add on to your property or to construct to replace destroyed or severely damaged properties.

Your Vision for Construction Fulfilled 

When it comes to ground-up construction, we work closely with you to ensure that your vision comes to fruition. Prior to construction, we discuss detailed options and plans with you and work with you to help guarantee you get what you pay for and envision. We also work within your budget and preferred timeline to deliver what you expect. If you can dream it up, we can build it, repair it, remediate it, or renovate it.

Multifamily Construction Company Design

At Sayan Renovations & Construction, we are not just construction and renovation experts. We are also highly experienced designers. We can draw up architectural plans, craft engineered drawings, and create concept renderings. We do this for both interior and exterior designs. A one-stop-shop for your multifamily property construction, we can help you out right from very beginning, when the changes or construction you want to do are just conceptual. We help you achieve and solidify your vision.

If you are a multifamily property owner, it just makes sense to choose Sayan Renovations & Construction. We are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers, and we have significant experience meeting their needs. If the interior or exterior of your property needs a facelift or if you need help rebuilding after fire or natural disaster, Sayan is poised to assist you every step of the way. We can’t wait to work with you!

Ready to get the conversation started and learn about what we can do for you? Reach out to Sayan Renovations & Construction today!