Spring Is Here: The Prime Time to Get New Amenity Spaces Ready for Summer

Amenity spaces make apartment living more attractive and enjoyable to current and future residents, but if those areas aren’t updated or don’t exist, it can negatively impact your profit margin. Investing in upgrades or adding these spaces to your footprint can make all the difference in not just the satisfaction of your current residents but in your ability to gain interest among future ones.

Spring Is Here: The Prime Time To Get New Amenity Spaces Ready for Summer

People like aesthetically pleasing spaces, especially in a place that they do or will call home. If the space isn’t aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t add any value to their lives, current and future residents won’t view it as an amenity.
Without the right amenities, future residents may bypass your property altogether for one with more amenities, and current ones may not choose to renew their lease once it’s up. For that reason, upgrading areas or adding amenities is an investment that improves aesthetics, value, and profit on multiple levels.

Dog Parks

For residents, an on-site dog park represents convenience and connection. It allows them to take their dog to get much-needed exercise but doesn’t require leaving home. Some who come home late at night after a long day of work won’t want to take their dog for a walk in the dark, so having a park on-site allows them to let their dog expend energy without the resident having to spend much effort.
Additionally, it’s a perfect spot for dog owners to connect with other residents and for dogs to connect with other dogs. This amenity is especially valuable at properties that have little to no outdoor space or community green space designed for resident use.

A Long-Lasting, Low-Maintenance Amenity

Dog parks are low-maintenance amenities and only require that the green space is regularly maintained and all trash is removed regularly to promote a clean and enjoyable area for everyone. Dog parks are a marketable selling feature, and adding this amenity to your property is a simple way to increase value and property attraction on multiple levels.

Common Rooms and Clubhouses

Common rooms are another residential amenity that can enhance your space and increase your value. Common spaces allow for socialization, event hosting, additional workspace, and a place for residents to gather together outside of someone’s apartment. However, more important than having a common room or clubhouse is having one that’s updated, functional, enjoyable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Simple to More Complex Improvements and Updates

A common room update is an easy way to improve the space for long-term benefits. There are easy ways to improve the aesthetics of an already existing standard room to give it a facelift and dramatically improve the overall appearance and desirability of the area. People naturally prefer to gather and spend time in a common area that’s clean and updated instead of one that’s old and outdated.

Plus, extra features added to that standard room, like a pool table, ping-pong table, TV, fireplace, community kitchen, or other added amenities, add more than just value. They can create and enhance opportunities for community engagement, socialization, and overall enjoyment of the common living space. New flooring, accent features, paint, new furniture and decor, and surface remodeling can go a long way in updating the area and making it more attractive to residents.

Fitness Centers

A fitness center is an amenity that stands out to future residents. Having an on-site fitness center allows residents to avoid a gym membership, saving them money and time spent traveling to a gym daily. An on-site fitness center provides convenience as residents will never have to leave home to get in a workout.
Building out the space is relatively simple, and maintaining the space doesn’t require significant work but is also an investment that will reap endless rewards long term. When residents know that they won’t have to leave home to exercise, it will automatically make your building seem more appealing and stand out from the rest.

Outdoor Spaces

Building an outdoor community space is a way to add value to your establishment while also attracting residents. If the fire code restricts residents from using a grill or outdoor cooking mechanism on a balcony or near the building, you can create an amenity by building an outdoor space with eating areas that allow residents to grill, cook, and entertain safely.
Added outdoor space that everyone can enjoy and added another dimension to the living experience they may not find elsewhere. Adding amenities to existing outdoor space can be as simple as installing grills and eating areas or more complex and elaborate, like adding a full-scale kitchen, pergola, and green space with outdoor games.

Our Services

At Sayan Renovations & Construction, we specialize in adding amenity spaces to multi-family residential buildings: but we do more than that. We can improve the aesthetics of your space, help with the design process, and do everything necessary to add value to your property.

Exterior Upgrades and Renovation Projects

We specialize in construction and renovation needs and can provide exterior amenities, including patio extensions, yard extensions, dog park installations, outdoor kitchens, pergolas, and more. We also provide three, five, and ten-year warranty paint solutions for those who want to give their exterior a facelift and enjoy long-lasting results. We can also improve the function of parking lots with new asphalt, a seal coat, re-striping, and routine maintenance.
Our fiber cement siding provides an effective option for improving the aesthetics and longevity of buildings, and we can do partial to full replacements throughout the complex. If your building is experiencing any wood rot, we specialize in carpentry solutions and can replace damaged or rotted wood with structurally sound options and even complete the project with custom finishes. If you are experiencing any roof leaks, we specialize in everything from repairs to full replacements.

Interior Upgrades and Renovations

We can handle smaller and larger renovation projects at Sayan Renovations & Construction. Our interior projects range from simple make-readies to full-unit upgrades, full-scale leasing office renovations, and more.

We can also perform maintenance and renovations to clubhouses and common areas, paint as needed, upgrade kitchens, maintain plumbing, and install water conservation mechanisms throughout your buildings. We can install all types of flooring, perform electrical work, and assist with washer and dryer connections.

Design Services

Our design services take the guesswork out of multifamily renovations and construction. We specialize in exterior and interior design work and can provide engineer drawings, architectural plans, and concept renderings.

We can work from the ground up, renovate areas that have sustained natural or accidental disasters, or expand your property. We handle the permitting, foundation slab pouring, framing, insulation, electrical, and HVAC work, complete with custom finishes.

Renovation Services You Can Trust

At Sayan Renovations & Construction, we take pride in providing quality services to enhance the function, safety, aesthetics, and value of residential properties. Whether you need something as simple as a light coat of paint or a complete renovation, we can handle all of your construction needs.
Don’t underestimate the added value amenity spaces can bring your business. Whether you want to add one or multiple spaces to improve your building’s value or to attract residents, we can work with you throughout the process to create something beautiful and functional that adds long-lasting value. Contact us today at Sayan Renovations & Construction to learn more about our services and begin the design process.